Heated Insoles For Men Women Rechargeable Heating Boot Insole Feet Warmer Pads Cut To Any Size Heating Electric Heated Insoles



1. Safe and environmentally friendly materials, the latest high-efficiency carbon fiber heater; high density, need to be used with a power bank
2. The temperature will be as high as 50°, and warm feet in winter without sweating
3. The heated insole is made of soft elastic EVA foam with good softness and elasticity
4. Power bank heated insoles can solve your foot discomfort in cold weather

Product Information:
Color: small size (35-40 yards), large size (41-46 yards)
Shoe Upper material: plastic plus carbon fiber
Style: warm insole
Size: 26x9x5cm

Packing List:
Charging cable 1 trailer 2 * 1; Remote control * 1; Heating insole * 1; Instructions * 1; Color box * 1

Product Image: